Awesome team building! [The escape room]

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‘I believe that team culture is something that everyone should nurture in their daily work and relationship with other team members. But aside of this, is good to provide some other activities for the team that are outside of the normal corporate duties. This will strengthen the bonds within the team and improve the working culture.

In Vietnam I’ve seen that many companies to have a budget for team building activities. But most of them consider team building just “1!,2!,3!,dzo!”, this is basically “get drunk with your team”. Even during interviews I was told that in Vietnam in order to be a good leader you have to be able to go and drink with your team. Sometimes this can be a good activity, I think that is better to be creative, otherwise the team building becomes an automatic activity with no output.

Last week, with my current company, some members of the management team and I organized a different team building event. We decided that we need try a new experience, therefore we book a “escape room”. This team didn’t had this type of activities in the past, therefore they were reluctant that this would be useful or even funny.

The day of the activity we were around 25 people total, so we were divided into smaller groups of five. Each group of five has to enter into a room and work together to find clues to get out of the room. All this with the pressure of only 45 minutes solve all the mysteries.

At the end of the experience all the teams were very happy and fell very motivated for solving problems together with their team members. They started sharing the problems and how the different teams found the solutions.

The activity was a success. I’m sure that the team is going to be more open to share this type of unorthodox activities.

I think that the most important is being creative on the selection of the activity so you can break the chains of the monotony. What do you think is the best type of activities?

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