Everything is broken 1#

Everything is broken 1#

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Early this year, I achieved what I thought was impossible. I was working in a company I loved, a team agile and with a great Vision and I finally had become what I dreamed since I was a youngster to become a technology leader. I had a fair salary but most important I was happy with what I was doing with my life and with who I was doing it.

Things were going well, and then COVID arrived.

And in a matter of weeks, our company decided to close in the country where I reside and let all of us go.

I moved through all the stages of grief fairly quickly

  • denial: This is not real!
  • anger: Why the hell we are closing, we were doing well!
  • bargaining: Well maybe we can just reduce headcount and stay in the project
  • depression: What I will do now? with COVID I will not have a job my family will suffer. I will fail their expectations
  • acceptance: Well, this has happened, now move on, what are my options?

I went through those phases in a matter of fewer than 7 days. I used my newly available free time to read, I read books like the 4-hour workweek from Tim Ferriss or Freakonomics from Steven Levitt. Very different books but both have a common topic. THINK!

So after thinking for a while I found myself surrounded by opportunities. I didn’t feel anymore that the world was going to end and apply this new positivity to make a list of what could I do.

  • I can work for another company, maybe with the same position as before
  • I could work for a company for the position that I love the most Agile Coach
  • I can create my own company
  • I can become a freelancer and work from anywhere

I felt relief after thinking about the world of possibilities rather than a world of impediments.

I finally decided to do something that I’ve been always passionate about, Agile, and Scrum. In my experience, when you go to a company they always think that Scrum is something to put in the books and it doesn’t work and their case is so special that scrum would never fit on their company. The people that would use those arguments might have never been exposed to formal training or understanding of what’s Scrum.

For this reason, I develop scrum mastery pro as a platform to help to share and measure agile knowledge.

On the next entries, I will continue explaining how we develop this site from the ground up and how I’m trying to build a business from the catastrophic results from COVID.

The most important is remain positive!