Agile certification scrum master

Agile certification scrum master

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People often asks, why should I get an agile certification scrum master if I’m not a scrum master?

Getting a certification is something that will help to boost your career, but not in the ways that you might be thinking. So how does it actually helps?

A way to study for an agile certification

Experience is not about how old you are but about how much you have learn

When you’re doing your job you might be focused on doing your job rather than learning how to do your job. While this might sound funny, for many people. I’ve seen during my career that most professionals are so busy doing their job that it’s almost impossible to find ways to improve their experience. Therefore they end up doing things by habit.

When you’re taking an exam you need to go back to the basics, which means you have to study to prepare the exam. If you think, for instance, about getting a scrum certification you will need to understand what is scrum, what are the timeboxes, ceremonies, and artifacts.

Knowing this would already give you an advantage in your job, regardless of using this knowledge or not, knowledge is power.

A way to succeed in interviews for scrum master

I rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person

An interview is a two way mirror, from one side an employer is looking at you. From the other side, you’re looking to the employer.

Having the formal knowledge that a certification provides can help you to understand better the person that is interviewing you. From one side you can structure your conversation in a way that is correct. But from another side, even more important, it would help you to understand wether you want to work for that company.

What agile certification scrum master?

Therefore I would recommend you to get certified, and specially I would recommend to get started with the basic scrum master or product owner certification