Everything is broken 2#

Everything is broken 2#

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I’m in a deep abyss. It’s been two months since we started this project. Right now our product is great but we are struggling to get to market traction.

One thing I learned, it doesn’t matter how many books you read about hockey sticks, market fits, or agility. But getting the word of your product out to market is hard work.

But i guess achieving a dream is not easy. When we think about our product as a omnichannel product instead of a digital online only is easy to see why we are not succeeding. Right now we only focus on digital channels, SEO, Linkedin, etc. but we lack of pyshical channels and referrals

But since this product is targeted for people we need to cover physical and digital channels. For this reason, we have decided to try to achieve our vision of spread agile knowledge by increasing the physical channels.

First we added two important features to our product:

  • Affiliates
  • Coupons

What we plan is that strength comes from the many, so we prefer giving away almost all profit to people that help us to grow, that’s why we created a strong affiliate program (up to 60% revenue for affiliates).

I will continue until we succeed in this dream and I hope to be able to tell week by week the progress.

PS: In my last post, I was talking only about my experience without selling, because I don’t believe this blog is a selling tool but a place to put my thoughts about the progress of this initiative.